Eine Traumhafte Hochzeit im Grafengut am Attersee – Leila und Wolfgang


On the 5th of July, the stunning venue Grafengut in Nussdorf, on the banks of the lake Attersee, saw the wedding of the beautiful couple Wolfgang and Leila.Having met them a few days before, and getting the chance to explore the grounds of the venue, I knew this would be an amazing day for them, and a great wedding to photograph. Its really special when you meet a couple for the first time, and instantly feel like old friends, the pressure on both sides just melts away, and you know it will be easy to relax and have fun.

The rain that had been threatenin all week showed itself in the morning, but by the time Wolfgang and Leila were getting ready the skys had cleared, and thankfully remained that way for the rest of the day. Not that it would have mattered. Nothing could have dampened the spirits of this gorgeous couple, not even the prospect of being locked out of the venue where the ceremony was to take place, a lovely old music school 10 minutes away.

Congratulations Wolfgang and Leila, you guys are awesome, we had a great time shooting your wedding, and wish you all the best luck for your future together as one. XOXO Clara and Sam

HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0001 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0002 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0003 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0004 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0005 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0006 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0007 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0008 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0009 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0010 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0011 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0012 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0013 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0014 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0015 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0016HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0017 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0018 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0019 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0020 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0021 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0022 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0023 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0028 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0024 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0025 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0026 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0027 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0029 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0030 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0031 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0032 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0033 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0034 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0035 HochzeitGrafengutAttersee_0036

One Response to “Eine Traumhafte Hochzeit im Grafengut am Attersee – Leila und Wolfgang”
  1. Leila & Wolfgang says:

    Dear Clara and Sam,
    Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful photos and words.
    We are so amazed … you really captured all the emotions and the atmosphere on our special day.
    Every single photo is a gift!
    We had such a great time with the two of you and really appreciated you joining us on our wedding.
    We hope to see you guys again and are so thankful that we “found” you!
    Leila & Wolfgang

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