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Clara grew up and Voralberg, studied photography in Vienna, and in 2010 took a 12 month holiday toAustralia where she met Sam. Much like you, they just knew that they had met the one they were meant to grow old with, and not even half the world could get in the way. Moving to Australia allowed her to be with Sam, but also provided the wonderful opportunity to further advance her skills and passion for photography. Working under and learning from other amazing photographers such as Lizzy C and Andrew Noble, ment Clara could further developed her own style, focusing on natural light and honest moments. As it turns out, Sam has a few photography skills in his bag of tricks too, and has a great eye for composition. Currently Sam and Clara are having an amazing adventure touring Australia in our self built, vegetable oil powered Landcruiser (their blog is at but they are very much looking forward to another wedding season in Austria.


Hi, I’m Clara


I love mountain biking, dirt-bike-riding, camping-trips, snowboarding, paragliding, building trucks and bikes, and just getting my hands dirty. Some would say those are typical boy things. I guess I found some of these passion a few years ago when I met Sam. But don’t worry, I still love my girly things, dressing up to go out, my daily yoga practice, creating beautiful little accessories, pretty decorating stuff and talking about babies.

I’m always up for a good laugh, having fun, meeting people and making new friends. One of my biggest passions is photography. It all started when I was a little girl, with the first film I shot being all about my sister being wrapped in toiletpaper – we thought it was hilarious. I was only about 6 or so, and I must admit, my photography has quiet improved since then!

What do I love about photography? I love the whole process, it starts with an idea and ends as a wonderful picture. I enjoy working with people, getting to know their story, and keeping the moment forever on film. But the best part really, is making people happy!


And this is Sam!


He likes meditation, yoga and pretty flowers! No just kidding. It’s pretty much the opposite (although, in truth, he does like pretty flowers, and every now and then he will present me with a small bunch of wild flowers he has secretly picked) He loves motorbikes, customising, fixing and riding them, old for wheel drives (40 series landcruisers), going camping, being creative, designing and building things….and of course, me! He is the 2nd photographer on weddings and all sorts of different jobs. He discovered his photography talent when he met me, and I basically forced him into it :) I must say though, he’s doing a very good job!

After training as a motorcycle mechanic, Sam established, ran, and recently sold, Crank Coffee, a very cool and unique mobile coffee business run from a classic motorbike and sidecar. When not working photography jobs, we had a great time together taking it to events like hot rod shows and music festivals. It took him nearly a whole year to design and build it. You should check it out!


And this is how we met…

  how we met2

I grew up in Vorarlberg, a district of Austria, in a small town called Hard. As a child, I had always wanted to see Kangaroos, and I guess this never really left me, because when I finished studying Photography at uni in Vienna, I bought a ticket to Australia. My mum was really concerned about me being all alone on the other side of the world, so she suggested I contact some of the people involved in the same alternative healing practice as her, because she just knew they would all be ‘lovely honest people’. As I was out to have my own adventure, I refused, but after a few weeks of relentless hassling from mum, I signed the letter she had drafted for me, and sent it off to 10 email addresses on the list she had put together.

A lovely lady called Jane replied and said she would love to meet me, and I would be most welcome to stay with her and her family, in Buderim QLD, for a few days. Well, those few days turned into about 5 weeks, and one day after asking about a photo on the wall, Jane told me about her 3 grown up sons. Jordan is getting married in January, Ash lives in Melbourne and has a very lovely partner, and Sam also lives in Melbourne , is single at the moment, and is a motobike mechanic. Hmmmm.  I have loved motorbikes for my whole life, and really liked this new family i had just spent the last 5 weeks with, so i decided to drive down to Melbourne and meet this awesome sounding guy. I sent Sam a message that i would be down in Melbourne in a few weeks, and asked if he would like to meet up. The reply I got was “Cool, nice to hear from you Clara. Jessie (his little sister) thinks your awesome, so any friend of my princess Jess is a friend of mine. I’ll show you around Melbourne for sure! Enjoy your day, I look forward to meeting you soon”

On the way down to Melbourne, I went to stay on a horse farm for a week. We all got along so well, my intended stay of 1 week turned into 3 months. So, 3 months later I sent Sam another message, saying that I’m really sorry, but my plans have changed, and from here I’m heading straight to Alice Springs to watch a motorbike race. Hopefully I will make it to Melbourne at the end of my trip. “Really, that’s awesome!” replied Sam,  “I’ve always wanted to go to the Finke Desert Race, I’d love to ride in it one day. I’ll have to check the flights and with work, but maybe I could meet you there!” This response was not really a surprise, because somewhere inside I knew he would want to fly up to meet me.

I guess we both had a pretty big crush on each other before we met, because as soon as we did, the chemistry was electric. We had 10 amazing days together, watching the race, going to Uluru and exploring Kings Canyon. After that,  Sam flew back to Melbourne, and I continued travelling with Michael, a german backpacker, to Kakadu National Park, Darwin and Arnhemland. On the Savannah Way (a dirt road between Katherine and Cairns) Michael crashed my car. It rolled over several times and was completely ruined. My neck was very sore for the next month, but were very lucky to not have been more injured, it could have been much worse. A lovely couple in a caravan took us the rest of the way to cairns, and from there I flew to Melbourne to spend the last 3 months of my trip with Sam.

And the rest is history. When I left the country with only minutes to go before my visa expired, Sam and I both knew that this relationship was one that we wanted to last forever. 3 months later Sam flew to Austria to meet my family, propose marriage, and bring me back to Australia.

Although it didn’t feel like it at the time, having Michael crash my car was probably the best thing that could have happened. If not, Sam and I might have only had a few weeks together, and may not have had the chance to developed a love for each other that not even half the world could get in the way of.


  (Linse2 Photography – they are amazing!)