Sabrina und Christian – gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding

Hochzeit in Sölden_0036

When Sam and I first met with Christian and Sabrina at their Frastanz appartment, we were expecting to chat about their wedding for an hour or so, make a plan for the photography and head off home. 5 hours, 4 home made pizzas and a healthy start on the wedding wine later, we left feeling so lucky to meet yet another amazing couple, and super excited to be able to shoot their Tirol wedding the following weekend.

Once the wedding was upon us, unfortunately the forecast had gone from bad to worse, with plan B having to be employed, and the service moved off the mountain, 10 minutes away to the beautiful little church in the town of Huben near Sölden. Much to our (and especially Sabrinas) delight, just as we started the couple and bridal party shoot, there was a break in the weather and we got the chance to to take some really lovely shots in the beautiful locations as planned. Chris, Sabrina and the whole bridal party were so much fun to work with, we had an absolute blast photographing them.

After the gorgeous service, we followed the most ecologigal bridal car they could find up a mountain to the exclussive Alpengasthof Feuerstein reception centre, for an awesome night of feasting, drinking and celebrating ane union of the 2 most beautiful people ever.

Chris, Sabrina, thanks so much, we love you guys, and if we dont see you in Melbourne beforehand, we’ll definately go for that motorbike ride we we are back next year. Xoxo, Clara and Sam


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