Margarita and Christoph – a beautiful wedding in Steyr

Hochzeit in Steyr_0033

It was a joy to meet Christof and Margarita. Their love of life, and each other, was easily apparent from our first coffee in the historic Upper Austrian town of Styer. A short walk around the town with Margarita and Christoph, turned up some lovely locations, and Sam and I un-earthed even more with some extra scouting about later that afternoon.

To make the most of the hour and a half couple shoot, we mapped out a nice little loop that started and finished at the church, taking us down alleyways, along rivers, over bridges, past parks and through archways. The 12.7.14 brought us back to Styer, to meet again with this gorgeous couple. Only this time, Christoph was dressed to the nines, and Margarita looked even more beautiful in her crips white wedding dress.

The loop round Styer woked perfectly, with nearly no time wasted moving between locations, and Christoph and Margarita held no emotions back, which is a true treat to photograph. Upon conclusion of the couple shoot, were back at the Michaela Church, for a beautiful ceremony full of music and love. Although our time was technically up after the ceremony, we just had to take Christoph and Margarita up on thier offer to accompany them to the Landgasthaus Mayr to feast (and that it was) and drink, and celebrate their beautiful union.

Thanks Christoph, thanks Margarita, it was a pleasure and an honour to be part of your gorgeous wedding. XOXO Clara and Sam


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