Jessie and Brendon


Taking someones portrait, especially when true emotions of love are on show, can make you feel closer to them. It can connect you through the image, and the process of capturing it, and this can be multiplied even further if you are already close to the person. This was very much the case when I recently photographed my sister in law Jessie and her man Brendon, before her university ball. They are such a beautiful couple, and the way they interact really shows just how much they mean to each other. It’s such a pleasure when the huge amounts of fun a couple has together is easily seen from behind the camera. When they effortlessly make each other laugh and smile, creating beautiful natural photographs gets so much easier.

Love you Jess


jess_brendon_0001jess_brendon_0003 jess_brendon_0002 jess_brendon_0004b jess_brendon_0005 jess_brendon_0006 jess_brendon_0007 jess_brendon_0008 jess_brendon_0009 jess_brendon_0010 jess_brendon_0011 jess_brendon_0012 jess_brendon_0013 jess_brendon_0014jess_brendon_0025 Jessie&Brendon1015_085jess_brendon_0018 jess_brendon_0020 jess_brendon_0019 jess_brendon_0021

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