A vintage inspired pub wedding in fitzroy



Its so cool when a couples wedding reflects them and their personalities so perfectly, and it was just so for Christof and Narelle. Fun and relaxed, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they’re awesome wedding at the North Fitzroy Star (one of their favorite local pubs) had all that, and more.

We loved the fact that they held both the ceremony and the reception at the Star, because what else do you need other than all your loved ones gathering together someplace nice, to wish their best, clap, cheer, laugh, cry, and hug, then rock out till the wee hours.

We feel really lucky that all the weddings we have shot so far have been for such genuine and lovely couples. Chris and Narelle, you guys are certainly no exception, and we really look forward to our next catch up down at Kitty Somerset (another favourite local for those of you not from Northcote/Thornbury)

Cheers guys, catch you soon.


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